Want to use your existing GoPro mount with your Fenix Bike Light?

Then here is the adapter for you! Quick Release Bike Mount with GOPRO Mount Adapter.

Then here is the adapter for you!

The Fenix ALD-10 allows you to leave your GoPro mount on your handlebars and then switch out the camera to hold your Fenix Bike Light.

The GoPro adapter allows for different angles for your light and the quick-release lets you quickly remove your light from the bike without having to remove the mount.

Standard slide track for Fenix bike lights (BC21R V3.0, BC25R, BC26R, BC30R, BC30 V2.0)


Size: 2.64″ (67mm) x 0.94″ (24mm) x 0.79″ (20mm)

Weight: 0.35oz (10g)

Compatible: All Fenix Bike Lights and most GoPro mounts

Includes: ALD-10 Quick Release Mount, GoPro Mount Adapter, and extra mounting bolt. Extra nut not included. Use the nut that comes with your existing GoPro mount.



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