Magic Ring is the innovative solution for a hyper-light and minimal carabiner-free Prusik sling.

Satisfying the need to simplify the mountaineering gear this special ring is made with a 6-mm aramid rope
(with double sheath for extra durability) and an aluminium forged toggle. Ideal for creating a self-locking knot
such as a Prusik and thus increasing your safety while rappelling or walking on a rope.

One end of the loop is meant to girth hitch onto your harness. The other end wraps around the rope in Prusik way,
then a metal toggle closes it.

No carabiners or adjustments to the harness are needed.

If needed, it can also be used as a ring.


Activities: Climbing / mountaineering / ski-mountaineering

Materials / construction / technologies: Aramid, light alloy

Length: 55 cm Weight: 47 grams

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