Guide Mix - Mohair Blend

Plush: Mohair blend
Adhesive: hot melt
Tip attachment: tip fix + wire buckle
Tail attachment: tail clip
Models: trimmable, widths 115

Durable mixed mohair plush with traditional hot-melt adhesive technology

• The tip fix connects skins firmly to the tip buckle. The skins cover the ski base as close as possible to the tips of the skis, which prevents snow ingress

• The tail clip sits flush, even on rounded ski tails. For tails that are thicker than 5 mm we recommend using the ‘wide’ tail clip Guide mix trimming set includes trimming tool, backing foil and stuff sack.

Universal length: The skins come with tip fixes plus tip buckles in a choice of two different widths. This means you can cut the skins
down to the right length and select the appropriate tip buckle for your skis. The rivets are easy to affix using a hammer.


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