The Cross Trail FX Superlite Compact supports you on your next workout in the mountains!

  • This compact version of the extremely lightweight Cross Trail pole is equipped with the Cross Shark grip
  • Combining the speed of the Shark system with the support of a hiking grip with an ergonomic support surface
  • gives you all the advantages for your fast hiking adventures
  • The hand muscles are securely supported by the wide strap with optimized fit to reduce stress
  • The open-pored, imitation cork foam grip with grip extension provides additional gripping options
  • In black and white with mint-colored highlights, this folding pole will complement your stylish looks

Off to the next mountain tour!



Grip: Cross Shark
Combining the advantages of a trail running grip with a trekking grip.
Ergonomic support surface and ideally suited for fast-paced mountaineering

Strap: Shark Frame Strap Mesh
Adjustable in very few steps and customisable.
Allows rapid clicking in & out of the pole.
Compatible with all Shark poles.

Grip Extension
For simple grip adjustment on steep terrain or when traversing

Shaft material: Carbon HRC (Highest Racing Carbon)

Folding system: Core Locking Device
The CLD System is a slim, interior construction which allows the
folding pole to be opened and closed easily

Speed Lock 2 Plus
The adjustment system works via an external clamping mechanism which allows
for easy adjustments and offers maximum hold

Basket: Trail Running
Minimalist basket for maximum weight savings and optimal swing behaviour

Trail Tip
Light-weight basket/tip combination for an optimised vibration control
and maximum grip on any surface


All Features:

Activities: Cross Trail
Age group: Adults
Gender: Unisex
Construction: Vario (continuously adjustable) | Foldable
Pack size: 42 cm
Weight: 197 g
Segments diameter: 14|12|12|12 mm
Shaft shape: Cylindric
Grip: Cross Shark
Strap: Shark Frame Strap Mesh
Grip extension: 1K Foam
Shaft material: Carbon (HRC)
Shaft upper part: Carbon
Shaft middle part (1): Carbon
Shaft middle part (2): Carbon
Shaft lower part: Carbon
Folding system: CLD
Locking system: Speed Lock 2 plus
Basket: Trail Running Basket
Tip: Trail Running Tip
Tip size: One size
Storage bag: Folding Pole Bag


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