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ED Rope Interstatic Pro 11.0mm, 'Night, 100m
ED Rope Interstatic Pro 11.0mm, 'Night, 100m

Thermo Shield treatment for perfect handling, tracer threads on the sheath to indicate rope
diameter and increased cut resistance through aramid processing.

As a result, the INTERSTATIC PROTECT has almost double the cut resistance compared to a static
rope with a comparable sheath proportion and diameter. These characteristics, together with its low
elongation values, make the INTERSTATIC PROTECT the first choice for all applications when the rope
is exposed to sharp edges or whenever an additional safety margin is desirable.



  • Thermo Shield treatment for perfect handling
  • Tracer threads on the sheath to indicate rope diameter
  • Increased cut resistance through aramid processing in the rope sheath
  • Important: the rope cannot be a substitute for the need for adequate edge protection



Load capacity Figure of Eight [Kn]: 20
Diameter [mm]: 11.00
Core proportion [%]: 56.00
Knotability: 1.10
Sheath proportion [%]: 44.00
Weight [g/m]: 77.00
Shrinkage H20 [%]: 2.40
Static elongation [%]: 2
Load capacity [Kn]: 35
Sharp edge approved: Yes



Quality and safety are the key factors that have been driving us further since the very beginning.
When making responsible and innovative high-performance ropes we also consequently have been
following the maxim of sustainability. This is why EDELRID has set new industry benchmarks for sustainable rope production.


Thermo Shield Technology: is a standard treatment that we apply to all our ropes.
The thermal stabilising process ensures the core and sheath yarns are perfectly balanced.
This ensures the rope remains compact and supple and that it does not shrink or become stiff.

Cut Protect: The development of a new braiding process and the combination of high-strength aramid
and polyamide fibres allow us to produce ropes with high cut resistance while still complying with the standard
for dynamic mountain ropes.

Tracer Thread Markings: The diameter of all Edelrid static ropes and accessory cords can be determined
from the number of tracer thread markings on the sheath. 



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